How many consecutive terms should a USACA President be able to contest?

By Cricketer USA, April 16, 2012

This is a repeat in history of 2005, but with Gladstone Dainty re-elected as the USACA president. The elections were delayed, as the treasurer had to conduct an impromptu back ground check. The "background check", which is not mentioned in the USACA constitution, was superimposed on the electoral process by the USACA president and executive. On February 10th, the then secretary took a bold step, using his constitutional authority as USACA secretary, he instructed the independent auditor to cease all activities related to the USACA 2005 elections immediately. This time USACA board elections were held on April 14th 2012 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida after several delays and controversies. The results were the same as everyone expected because majority of the leagues that were aligned with Mr. Dainty's opponents had been deemed in-eligible to vote after a controversial compliance process. Gladstone Dainty was re-elected as president for another 3 years term. He defeated Ram Varadarajan with a large margin.

President - Gladstone Dainty -12 votes
- Ram Varadarajan -02 votes

For the position of first vice president, there were two regional directors with MAQ Qureshi in the running. However, Michael Gale prevailed with 9 votes while Shahid Ahmed and Krish Prasad got 2 votes each.

First Vice President - Michael Gale -09 votes
- Shahid Ahmed -02 votes
- Krish Prasad -02 votes
- MAQ Qureshi -01 votes
- Ahmed Jeddy -00 votes

For the position of second vice president, Rafey Syed got 6 votes winning by one vote to his opponent Ahmed Jeddy in a close election.

Second Vice President - Rafey Syed -06 votes
- Ahmed Jeddy -05 votes
- Maq Qureshi -02 votes
- Hemant Buch -02 votes

For the position of secretary, Kenwyn Williams defeated John Aaron by a handsome margin.
Secretary - Kenwyn Williams -10 votes
- John Aaron -05 votes

Sitting treasurer, John Thickett of Austin, Texas easily defeated Gangaram Singh by a 12 to 3 margin to remain USACA Treasurer.

Treasurer - John Thickett -12 votes
- Gangaram Singh -03 votes

What about Nabeel Ahmed? This has been the question surrounding the outspoken critic of Gladstone Dainty, USACA President, who withdrew his nomination from the post of president.

It is believed that only 14 votes were polled in the ballots for president and first vice-president because Surendranath Gandavaram, president of the Atlanta Georgia Cricket Conference, stated that he was abstaining from voting in the election in protest over the decision to bar the 32 leagues from participating.